Remembering Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is all about barbeques and festivals and family, but when Memorial Day comes around don’t forget the meaning of the day in all of the festivities.  This morning during my daily walk with my mom, we stopped by the Veteran’s Memorials in Pawnee to give thanks to those that served.  While there in the early morning light, we met with the Boy Scout leader who was preparing for the day bringing out a memorial wreath.  We were admiring the bricks with all of the veterans and I mentioned Ithat my dad fought in the Korean War.  He said, “You can add a brick for him if you’d like.”

It’s funny, because dad didn’t grow up here, I never thought about it before.  Like my mom said though, “We have lived here over 40 some years.”

My dad has been gone for the past two years, but this would be a great memorial to his service and a reminder, a place I can go to think about him and all he meant to me and in this context the nation.  All of us have someone or at least know someone who sacrificed whether it was the ultimate sacrifice, or a tour of duty.  Be sure to take time to think of them and realize the freedom we have today.

Many think we have a truly divided nation today with political leanings far in both directions to the left and to the right, and in some cases everything in between.  However, no matter what your beliefs, the beauty is that you can express them because of what our soldiers did for us. 

Whether on the road, or home, take a minute and stop by the Veteran’s Memorial closest to you or join in a remembrance celebration and show your support for those that served our country.

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