Ten Must Do Things This Summer!

Summer comes and goes like lightening in a spring storm. First it is Memorial Day and pools open, tractor shows start, and then before you know it, it’s the 4th of July and the state fair. Throughout the summer, there is usually a trip or two and before you know it summer is gone!

Before the long, not so lazy days get away, plan for these ten must do items so you can look back with memories to last into the cold long winter.

1) A family get together. Whether family constitutes just you and yours, mom and dad, sister and brothers or that friend that is like a brother, make time to have at least one family get together, cook out and make memories. – We celebrated my husband’s birthday with a steak cookout, corn on the cob and family favorites. It really didn’t matter what we had, it was family, my kids, their significant others, mom and sister and husband coming together to celebrate a milestone that mattered. The laughter of my grandchildren is the memory I will take with me this winter.

2) Family picture. We all change over the years and sadly we lose loved ones as time goes by. For those that grumble, tell them to suck it up and take at least one picture while you are all gathered together.-Two years ago I lost my father and last year I lost my mother-in-law. At the birthday party, a picture was argued by some, one loved one tells me, “enjoy the moment”, but alas as time has told me lately, the moment doesn’t last, but that precious picture will!

3) Watch a sunset. – I am amazed how breath taking some of the sunset’s right outside my back door has been this summer. I walked out the door one somewhat stormy night and watched the sun go down in a blaze of glory. Incomparable.

4) Fireworks. 4th of July means something. Our fathers fought long and hard for this day, remember it and watch the sky light up with the magic of pyrotechnics set to a few tear stirring patriotic songs. – We plan to attend the local fireworks or watch them driving home from a tractor show open house taking place nearby.

5) Eat at a new local dining place. It’s fun to try something different. You might find you love it or hate it, but supporting local diners and getting out of the rut is what it’s all about. –Not long ago I tried breakfast at a local dining place. Not my favorite, but another local place we tried had awesome food, now we know.

6) Go to a new festival. There are festivals all over both near and far during the summer. Some are garden variety and others are specific to a hobby you might enjoy, but there is something about walking through a park or around a beautiful old courthouse, sampling the food and taking in the sights and sounds. –We went to the first ever Land of Lincoln Expo tractor show this year and loved it. It will be back in two years and so will we.

7) Listen to live music. Records or I guess these days tapes are professional recordings and while the sound is perfection, there is nothing as moving or stirring as hearing live music and tapping your foot to the beat. – We sat at the Pawnee Prairie Days and listened to the band Off the Wall. I found the lead singer was actually someone I knew. Small world!

8) Try something new. Spread your wings and do something out of the box. It is always good to be open. – Recently I went on a trip to Canada and no one was really available to take me to the plane, so I tried having a shuttle pick me up and take me home. Money saving and a safe alternative without needing assistance, it was a win -win.

9) Watch a biography or educational show, learn something new. – Although we didn’t catch the first of the series, we watched the story of Einstein and we were fascinated.

10) Hit the water. Whether a ride on a boat, a swim or walk along a river, summer is the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of water. – In British Columbia, I took a couple boat rides and I don’t think there is any better way to see scenery!

Let me know how you incorporated these must do’s into your summer!

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  1. Rick

    Cindy, this is sage advice! I agree with every bit of it. The family pictures can’t be done for me now and my definition of family has been extended to my “tractor” family.
    I notice a hint of you going to a local tractor open house. I hope it’s the one I’m thinking of. I was just at where that takes place today. They are some of my most special friends and I guarantee you will have a wonderful day and feel most welcome.

    1. Cindy

      Thanks for your kind words, summer is a flash in the pan and I always want to make the best of it!