Lagomarcino’s a Moline Main Stay

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This past Friday my daughter Allie and I found ourselves seated in the historic Lagomarcino’s turn of the century ice cream parlor and confectionary on a hosted trip to the Quad Cities.  Run by Beth Loagomarcino, she is the 3rd generation to operate this family business.

Beth Lagomarcino is the 3rd generation to run this Moline downtown ice cream shop.

The story begins with Angelo Lagomarcino who emigrated from northern Italy to the US in 1896.  He returned to Italy to marry his bride, Luigia then they settled in Burlington, Iowa and worked in a confectionary with Angelo’s brother Carl. With a growing family Angelo struck out on his own in 1908 opening their business in downtown Moline. Fancy ice cream treats were the mainstay! The business passed from generation to generation and over the years they added sandwiches on homemade rye bread, candy and more!

Allie enjoying her meal at Lagomarcino!

Allie ordered a turkey and cheese sandwich, and chicken tortilla soup and I had the tuna melt on their famous bread.  We shared a bachelor kiss dessert and took in the cool pictures and atmosphere.  “This is founders week so we have been very busy,” Beth told us.

We were surprised to learn she also knew where we were from because years ago she had taught in our neck of the woods.

It is not many places that have a local business that is linked to so many memories.  Those memories are from locals, and travelers like myself that remember seeing the candy exhibit decked out for Easter with chocolate filled eggs.

Lagomarcinos is a piece of art and so are their windows.  When in Moline, take the time to visit this iconic stop, you will be glad you do.  Located at 1422 5th Avenue, Moline, Illinois, call 563-324-6137 or log onto



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    It’s wonderful to find out the history of the place alongside how great the food is, if we’re ever in the area we’ll definitely be going in to try out that homemade rye bread.

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    I just love family owned restaurants & shops that have been passed down from generation to generation! 🙂 I bet the food (and desserts!) here were amazing.

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      So true! We shared the BachelorKiss dessert, it was banana, chocolate, ice cream and marshmallow!

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    Family-owned shops always have that extra taste and atmosphere that lacks in chain-store restaurants. It’s great to know that such a cute little place has a story to boot.

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      I agree, it is always nice to know the history!

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    I love a good mom & pop store with a bit of history behind it! Thank your highlighting them! If I’m ever in the area I would definitely stop in now.

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    What an awesome story! Plus, you can never go wrong with tuna melts and ice cream. I hope to eat here one day to have the experience for myself.

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