Rhythm City Casino Resort a great business and entertainment stay

The Rhythm City Casino Resort in Davenport has only been open a little over a year.  On a hosted visit to the Quad Cities with my daughter Allie, we were able to stay at this cool resort that really has it all.  “I like the design,” Allie said about the modern and colorful decor.

Touring the area our first night at the hotel after checking in, we walked through the hotel saw the gift shop and the casino before calling it a night.  The rooms are well equipped and proved to be quiet enough that I was able to do a bit of work before hitting the hay.

The hotel breakfast area is a huge buffet, but my favorite aspect was the omelet stand where the cook prepared the omelet of your desire right before your very eyes.  The cook told me she had been doing this for several years and said, “The secret to a good omelet is the pan.  If you have a scratch in the pan, it ruins it.”

There are three restaurants to choose from and while we chose the buffet on day one, you can go upscale, or be economic.

Day two, after touring, we were hot tired and decided to rent a movie and swim.  It was a week day and we were pretty much had the pool and hot tub to ourself, the wall to ceiling windows allowed us to view the storm that blew in. It was surreal sitting in the hot tub watching the rail fall outside.

Whether looking for weekend entertainment, a few hours in the casino, or a quiet place to store away for a few days, Rhythm City Casino offers it all.

The staff is also very nice and helpful they provided us with directions and tips on places to stop in LeClaire.

Check out the website at www.rhythmcitycasino and book your stay today!

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  1. Carmen Edelson

    Sounds like a fabulous place to stay! Thanks for sharing 🙂