The National John Deere Model G Reunion a tractor meet and greet

I wasn’t there the busiest days of this great event that took tons of planning and many traveling to Greenville’s American Farm Heritage Museum site, but I saw part of it, and it was awesome.  Today, Sunday, was the last day of the event and G’s were loading up and heading home, in fact, many had already gone by the time I arrived with Keith to pick up our G.  Keith had taken our JD G on Friday and said it was bustling then. Today when I spoke with Mark Berkel, who planned the event along with the Southern Illinois Green iron club, and many others, he said that there had been 502 Deeres onsite with 224 of them G’s.  It was a successful reunion indeed!

John Deere G’s turned 80 this year, a monumental year in history.  “The G was made between 1937 -1953,” Mark shared.

There were many highlights that I will profile in my Farm World column, but know that G’s came from 25 states with the furthest being from Astoria, Oregon.

Watching the tractors load up and move out and seeing the work that went into a show of this magnitude is awe inspiring.  The Hains from Green Magazine and others came to the show bringing some special G’s and Deere tractors that have not been seen often by tractor collectors.  Whether you came just to see what was going on like one woman I spoke to from the area, or traveled a long way like the gentleman from Oregon, the show offered a chance to revel in the love of the hobby and in this case, the love of  the G.

Gee, what a show, don’t you love the pun?  My husband and kids say I’m corny, but then, I am married to a farmer.