The right car for travel!

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When traveling by car, it is so important to make sure you have a safe vehicle that is right for you.  My husband Keith and I like SUV’s and we tend to travel the back roads so we are always aware of making sure tires are aired, oil is changed and that the car is in good working order.  Our Chevy Terrain has the power we need and the room in the back for the items that Keith has a tendency to pick up at flea markets and other travel sites.  Durability, room, easy ride and Made in America are important to us.

In the past the only way to really buy a car was to the local dealer to find what best suited you on the lot. Today however, with the Internet, car buying has taken on a whole new aspect and sites like can provide the information you need to find the right car for your travel. has the information you need to find out about the particular make, models and price of the car you choose.  Since our car is getting up in miles down the road we will probably be looking for a change, so I did a test run to see what kind of information I could find out about a new 2018 Chevy Terrain or Equinox which is the type of vehicle we have driven in the past.

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I was able to search for a Chevy Equinox in a 75 mile radius from my house. Once I located the cars, I was even able to do a price comparison. I was amazed that it showed the lowest price and the highest price.  Keep in mind I just asked for the 2018 Chevy Equinox and not for all the bells and whistles, which of course make a difference. showed me where to find the cars and the prices the dealers were asking.

There are also videos on the site that compare cars and their performance.  Watching one of these may change your mind about just what vehicle you want depending on what you will be using it for!

Along with videos, there are also reviews where you can read about how a car is rated.  When you are going to spend the money for a car, you might as well know exactly what you are getting and what glitches each vehicle may have. also has great tips on how to sell your car.  Go to the car wash, gather all the documents etc.  This is great information and so practical.

Something I think is really nice is that this site is not just useful for buying or selling, but also just for keeping the car you have in good working order, which as I mentioned is a must for those that travel a lot like we do. has one section titled Maintenance where they address topics like, “How often should you change your coolant?”

When looking for a car, take a minute to head to you will be glad you did!