Take the Ag Tour at the Illinois State Fair!

You know that summer is winding down when it is state  fair time.  My grandkids start school early next week and when we had a chance to hit the state fair today, we took it.  Time with them is fleeting, these days they actually still like us and going places with us so we are taking full advantage!  The Illinois State Fair’s first day in full swing was today and we took the Ag Tour killing two birds with one stone, I was able to do a story for Farm World and enjoy the tour.  Below are the things I learned that I didn’t know even though I am a farmer’s wife.

  1. Chickens are the closest relation to the dinosaur!
  2. Illinois is number one in the nation in pork production.
  3. The dirt track at the Illinois State Fair Grounds is supposed to the fastest around.
  4. At that dirt track, horses have been clocked at 55 miles per hour!
  5. A cow can produce between 69-90 pounds of milk a day.

Who knew?  If you have the time, take this informational tour directed by FFA officers.  Hosted by Brandt Consolidated, the tour lasts an hour and you learn a lot of fun facts about Illinois agriculture.  Even if you think you know farming, you may pick up a trivia fact or two!  I got five!