AWOL Goodbye Sherman and Shadow is Gone

They were not the best of friends

On the best days.

Sherman, our soon to be 15 year old Aussie Border Collie Mix

Was scared of Shadow the black cat

That lived on the porch,

He swiped at him when he walked past.


Shadow was 11

Wiley and a farm cat to the core

Sherman was pampered


and a food stealing dog.


They were not the best of friends,

But they occasionally acknowledged one another’s existence.


Sherman when he was able

Loved walks down our country road

Shadow loved to come along

and wind in

and out

between our legs and bat at Sherman when the mood caught him.


Almost two weeks ago

Shadow disappeared.

Last week

we lost Sherman

Together they are AWOL

And our farm is too quiet, we mourn them, we miss them, and too soon they were gone.


There are no words

To replace my furry friend

That was the subject of many Little Green stories

That sat by my side day in and day out

And in the last few years laid down and made us walk over and around  him.


The cat, my daughters true joy

Kept us mouse free

Created havoc on cars

Shared food with possums

And was loved beyond measure.


They are AWOL, they are loved.



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    So sorry for your loss Cindy. I know they were part of your family and will remain ever in your hearts.

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      Thanks Sharon they sure were part of the family!

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    Loved them both! Sherman was a fierce protector of your home while Shadow took it all in from the porch swing. They both vied for any and all attention and endeared us with their presence for long walks down the country road. So sad that they are both gone. Will miss my double greeting committee of fury friends! Wherever they are I’m sure that Shadow is still giving out a good swipe and Sherm is angling for a doggie treat. Forever remembered and in my heart to eternity!❤️❤️

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      Thanks Linda, your greeting party will be a little smaller on the next visit. You really nailed their personalities!

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    So sorry, I know how empty it feels. We had to put our dog down this spring, but it has been replaced with a pup.

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