Front Desk Experience!

Checking into the Holiday Inn at Bowling Green, Ohio over the Labor Day weekend was a stitch. The story begins with my inability to accept that the day was really August 31st rather than September 1st. When we looked at our calendar and the Graham Bradley show, I saw that we were to arrive on September 1st, thus we were soon on the road it made sense the show started on Friday, we would arrive on a Thursday, it would all be well.

When we arrived, the pretty young desk clerk asked, “Do you have reservations?”

“Yes,” I replied and went on to give her our name. She couldn’t find any reservations. “I bet you made reservations in Bowling Green, Kentucky instead of Bowling Green, Ohio,” she added.

Surely not. I knew I had a confirmation for the reservation so I dug it out. She started looking and found there was a reservation, but for September 1st. Thankfully they had rooms available for August 31st as well. “Do you spell your name Ladage?”she then asked.

When I confirmed it, she said, “Oh I couldn’t find it because they spelled it wrong.”

Mispelled name, wrong date, but it all turned out in the end. That my friends is my front desk experience!