Breaking Bread at the Bread Basket

The Bread Basket Cafe and Bakery is a wonderful bakery and cafe in downtown Danville, Indiana. It is easy to see where the name comes from when checking out their homepage on the website where they have the statement  ” I AM THE LIVING BREAD THAT CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN. IF ANYONE EATS OF THIS BREAD, HE WILL LIVE FOREVER. THIS BREAD IS MY FLESH, WHICH I WILL GIVE FOR THE LIFE OF THE WORLD.” JOHN 6:51

It was a matter of prayer that led Judy Sexton the owner of the Bread Basket, to this business.  Judy explained,  “My dad had a restaurant and after raising my family, I had nothing to do and wanted to enter the workforce,” Judy added.

After working part time at a bank she soon knew this wasn’t her calling so she turned to God.  “I said, Lord, show me what you want me to do.”

And He did.  Judy started out small and now that she has been in business for 13 years she said, “Its evolved, I have a staff of 30 now.”

Today her daughter Jinayla Bollman is working with her and together along with the staff, they serve both breakfast and lunch and have a mouth watering array of bakery items as well.  “We have three generations involved,” Judy said.

Danville, Indiana is located in beautiful in Hendricks County.  Along with a group of travel writers I had a chance to do two things at the Bread Basket. First, we got to watch Tara, the pie maker, create a beautiful Harvest Moon Pie which was a concoction of apples, cranberries, spices and apricots. She was amazing the way she created the pie crust and beautiful lattice work on top. The harvest pie was just one of the pies available. The Bread Basket also offers peanut butter pie, fruit pies, pecan pie and much more.  One of the local favorites is sour cream pie. At the Bread Basket they use as much locally sourced items as possible when making their baked item and their meals as well. They also offer pumpkin tort and cinnamon rolls!  “We use as much from the local farmers as we can,” Judy said.

They were ramping up for the holidays season when we were there and said that Thanksgiving is their busiest time.

After watching the pie making, we were served a special supper meal made just for us. The food was wonderful and the dessert amazing.  We had a chance to try the a pumpkin cinnamon roll french toast and I don’t know when anything has tasted so good! 

Besides the great food, the Bread Basket is lovely.  Located in a former house, it makes sense that the diner would have a cozy feel to it.  With a fireplace and sunlit rooms, there is not a bad seat in the house.  In the main room almost all views go to the bakery counter where I couldn’t help from glancing over and over again.  Its not just that the baked goods taste good, they are also edible pieces of art. Judy found the place of her heart, she is just where God meant her to be!

Head to the Bread Basket Cafe & Bakery to break bread, pie, or whatever is your fancy!  For more information, log onto