Writing tip for on the road – Word installed on my IPAD

In recent weeks, I’ve been reading others posting about what has made their life easier when it comes to writing.  We all have found something, but for me, the thing that really made a difference was on my Apple IPad, the installation of Word.

Word is my processing choice and a while back I visited the Apple store and learned from one of their associates that Word could be downloaded and used.  This freed me to be able to write articles when away from my stand alone computer and without using my more cumbersome laptop.  The IPad can serve as camera, note taker, and article tablet all in one.  All I have to do when I get done is email it to me on my stand alone computer and I then go over the story again before sending it onto the editor I am writing for.

If writing a blog, I often write it in Word, check it, and then post it helping me to avert mistakes that I may not see at first glance.

You don’t have to be a writer for this to come in handy.  Sometimes you may want to write in a diary, write daily notes, or if you are a student on school work.  Word comes in handy for all of these.  What I really was pleased by though is not just the fact that I was able to use the processing program of my choice, but the assistance that Apple offers. For a small fee (I think $30.00) if I recall, the Apple associate provided me with assistance that made my life much simpler.  The IPad itself is immense help, but this made it a writing tool for when I am on the road, and as a travel writer, that is a lot of the time.

This is not a sponsored post for Apple or Word, just a note for anyone else looking for a way to simplify jotting down your thoughts when away from home. So if you have something you need help with on your IPad, head on over to the nearest Apple Store and get the assistance you need!