Randomise, a game for travel or at home

This Thanksgiving after the meal was done, we thought we would try a fun game. I received Randomise to review. This is a game that would work for traveling or at home.

The game is a combination of word association, charades and Pictionary.  You pick a card and try to convey through words, acting or drawing the story line. We had a group of four that tried this entertaining game, while we enjoyed it, I really think a bigger group would be even better.

The game was developed by a young woman in he UK  to catch the attention of a 12-year-old and move her from her IPAD. A worthy cause indeed, to bring family together and people of all ages using their creativity spending time together.

That’s what we did,my mom, daughter-in-law and mom’s friend Marty.

If you are looking for an entertaining way to spend  a few hours give Radomise a try.  It is available on Amazon both in the US and the UK.


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