Rose Gold Bracelet, a holiday special

Occasionally I receive items to review and this beautiful rose gold bracelet was my most recent special.  Through Bloggers Required, I received this bracelet.  I love to pick up jewelry pieces for traveling and this one came just in time to wear it for the holidays.   The bracelet is part of the Judy Luxury collection and retails for the very reasonable price of $9.90.  I was taken with how light weight the bracelet is and the mother of pearl design.

Bracelet I received to review from Judy Luxury

Jewelry is my go to item when I travel, that is what I pick up to remember, it is my take home  souvenir.    Since my Judy Luxury Rose Gold bracelet arrived just in time to wear it to the Christmas Eve services, I will forever think of this as my Christmas Eve bracelet.

The bracelet is just one of the items that Judy Luxury sells, they also have belts, hand bags, wallets and more that would be great to use while on the road.  Judy Luxury offers over 2000 items on their website.  If you are looking for a great bracelet to wear while traveling, check out this fun selection, or take a look at their other offerings!