Magic Socks, odorless socks for the working or traveling man or woman!

While I usually write about travel, it is important to know about some of the products that also makes travel enjoyable.  Recently I received four pairs of MP Magic Socks from Indiegogo to review. The socks are just coming out of the prototype phase and are not yet in full production.  They were kind enough to send their prototype to me.

MP Magic odorless socks

Keith, my husband tried them out while working on the farm. The socks he found to be comfortable and light weight.  They are made to be odorless socks using three metals infused: Silver, copper and Zinc. The socks incorporate a comfortable design, with silver, copper and zinc-infused,integrated with mineral substance, and use antibacterial fabrics that work hard to make the  feet odorless! This combination of metals provides greater antibacterial protection than any single metal alone. Silver is known as a great antibacterial metal, copper can kill bacteria and zinc can also reduce the bacteria and odor.

For those like Keith that work on the farm, or me that hike and are on our feet on the road, it is a big deal that these socks are odorless, comfortable, antibacterial, super durable, and breathable. The makers of the sock explained, “This metal infusion technique was developed for the aerospace Industry, but we’ve designed something for everyone.”

For more information, check out their youtube video at

Take a look at their website ( and you will see that they offer the socks in a variety of designs and for a variety of users.  I received these socks for free to review, but I was not paid for this blog.  Also, all opinions are my own!

Whether traveling, or working, the MP Magic Socks work well, are light weight, and best of all, keep your feet cool and odor free!

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