2018 Wrap for Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl

Since beginning this blog in 2012, I have published 865 posts.  With 2017 in the rear view mirror, I think it is interesting to see what posts were the favorites and who is reading.  It is always a surprise when I look this over at the end of the year.  Sometimes my favorites were not yours and vice versa.  I would love it if you would comment and tell me what you like or what you would like to see on Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl in the future!

This year I had a little over 21,000 readers stop by and in 2017, the five most read posts were 1) Lowdown on Ginger 108, 2) Cell Phone Parking in St. Louis, a blessing, 3) Backwoods Hobo Jack at the Wayside Antique Mall, 4) Land of Lincoln Expo and Tractor Drive, and 5) Dining in Kinston North Carolina.

I was surprised to find that most out of the top five cities that read my blog, the first was and fifth were all in central Illinois.  1) Pawnee, 2) Chicago, 3) Kinston NC (thus lowdown on Ginger 101 and dining in Kinston!) 4) Boston (true surprise) and 5) Springfield, Illinois.

Most of my readers are from English speaking countries. 1) United States, 2) Canada, 3) United Kingdom, 4) India, 5) Philippines. Those countries were from Google Analytics, but according to Word Press, they are US, then Russia is number 2 and Canada is three and China is number four.  Philippines still ranks as number five in both stats!

According to Google Analytics, my readers are almost split down the middle by gender, 54% are male and 45% are female.  The largest percentage of readers are between 25-34 followed closely by 18-24, which is a surprise to me!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site, I hope the reads are worth your while.  I am blessed to be blogging about things I love.