Home bound fear not

So, I had plans, lots of plans!  I was supposed to go to a local conference today and watch my husband give a presentation tonight.  Yesterday kids and grandkids were all coming to dinner, but a bug, not a terrible bug, but a bug no one wants stopped me in my tracks.  Energy doesn’t last really long when under the weather, but while it lasted, I made the best of my time, home bound.

For the first time in ages, I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. I played on the computer and I have logged in two, I say two Hallmark movies today. My grand dog kept an eye on me laying next to me while I napped yesterday.

In the afternoon yesterday, since I was under the weather I forgot to feed the barn cats first thing in the morning.  On a trip to the kitchen I felt myself being watched. I looked out the kitchen window and saw one of our semi-wild cats staring in at me.  I moved to the right, he moved to the right.  I moved to the left, he moved to the left never taking his eyes off me.  I

So, I got the message loud and clear and went out to feed them. Three of the four cats surrounded me waiting impatiently.  Remember, only one is what I’d call a friendly cat, that lets you pet her, so this was unprecedented.  I was a bad cat mom, but awful excited to see them all together up close.

So while it was not the time I had planned, making the most of being home bound, hasn’t been too bad.  But, tomorrow I have high hopes that I am outdoor ready!

Comfort cookies made while home bound!