Angel of the visor

There are dangers everywhere on the road, my friend’s daughter was protected by her Visor Angel!

Some of us have a charm for luck while others put faith in higher powers to protect us from harm.  That was true of my friend who bought her daughter a Visor Angel to watch over her while living in a city hundreds of miles from the small town where she grew up.  My friend is faith filled, but it is a quiet faith.  She has a picture of Jesus she got at 16 and it has a place in her home where she places her prayer requests so she can remember to pray for those that have asked.  She wouldn’t do anything less for her own daughter, so a visor angel it was.

It was a busy day for my friend’s daughter. She was driving in the city when out of nowhere came a young man and  he plowed into her car, T-boning her.  Amazingly, unbelievably, she walked away, only bruised and shook up.  The car was totaled and no one could believe that a more serious injury had not occurred.  My friend and her husband traveled to the city to help her daughter clean out her car and look for a new one.  Cleaning it out my friend said, “When we opened the door, the visor angel fell out.  It had been wedged between the seat and the door.”

The two looked at each other and my friend said, “You angel was watching over you for sure.”

The visor angel is back where it belongs on the visor of her new car, but the angel will never be looked at as just a fond memory of her mom, it will be looked at with thanks and a reminder that she was meant to live another day, pursue her dreams and believe.

As we travel on our journeys across the nation and beyond every time we walk out the door there is a potential for disaster, however, with a travel prayer, a visor angel or whatever your faith may call upon, perhaps like my friend’s daughter, we will stay safe for another day, another journey.

The Angel of the Visor lives on!