21 North Eatery and Cellar fine dining in Martinsville Indiana

Everything about 21 North Eatery and Cellar has a bit of glamour to it.  Opened in October Sara Broers of Travels with Sara and I dined there one evening with Morgan County CVB’s Tosha Daughtery’s while on a hosted trip.

Enjoying the elegant decor, in downtown Martinsville, we tried some appetizers and enjoyed the Parmesan fries and fried calamari before moving onto a main entree.  I enjoyed the beautiful pan seared filet steak with carbernet jus and a Caesar salad.  Everything was magnificent.

The owner stopped by our table and visited with us a few minutes.  Nice people, fun atmosphere and great food.  What’s not to love, log onto www.21northeateryandcellar.com for more information.

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