Cedar Creek Winery, Brewery, Distillery and a Mighty fine truck!

When I first met my husband Keith, in 1979, he had a very fine brand new Trans Am, but I couldn’t care less, I was much more impressed with his 1955 two-door Chevy.  Today, I love his 1950 short bed Chevy truck with the very cool sun visor and tricky brakes column shifter, I can’t even begin to drive.  Nothing is better than driving down our country road in that old truck on a fine summer day.

Chevy truck is a photo op outside the Cedar Creek Winery, Brewery and Distillery

So when on a hosted trip this month when I saw the cool old Chevy one ton sitting pretty as you please outside of the Cedar Creek complex, my heart stopped.

I enjoyed the story of how the Elsner family founded their winery, the first of the three businesses they would open.  Being formerly in the construction business it is easy to see how they used their talents to create this beautiful setting with wood and a farm-like scenery like a windmill and oh yes, the truck!

At this lovely location in rural Martinsville’s Morgan County you can experience three distinct experiences. The Elsner family opened their winery on October 1st, 2010, then next came the brewery in September of 2013 and last, but not least came the distillery in 2017.

This is a family business that offers a fun environment. They have staff that are laid back and fun.  Tosha Daughtery of the Morgan County  CVB took Sara Broers of Travels with Sara and co-founder of Midwest Travel Bloggers and I to this wonderful site where the beautiful Chevy truck sits right out front serving as a great place to take pictures.

And yes, I had to have my picture taken right in front of the beautiful Chevy, wouldn’t you?

Log onto www.cedarcreedwine.com for details!