Branson Landing’s water and light show

I arrived in Branson a day before the North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) conference was to begin.  I live six hours north and either I could arrive a day ahead with my friend that I was traveling with, or we could leave at as another friend says, “O dark hundred”.

Cool mural welcoming visitors to Branson in the historic downtown.

We wisely chose to arrive a day ahead and spend the evening perusing Branson Landing where I found a new favorite shop, Verona plus a very nice Mexican restaurant called Cantina Laredo where we enjoyed a good meal before heading bank to the hotel. Right outside the restaurant though was the beautiful Branson Landing water and light show and it was fantastic!

The show reminded me of the Belagio water show in Las Vegas. “Except here in Branson, there’s places to sit,” my friend said.

We stood transfixed as we watched the dizzy array of fountains that shoots water 120 feet into the air and fire cannons that blast fire into the air to the rhythm of the music. Created by a company called Wet Design this is the same producer that created shows at Downtown Disney marketplace in Orlando and at the Universal City Walk in California.

The music according to a fountain schedule I found changes. The show is a the top of each hour and some of the songs that music is choreographed to include Star Spangled Banner, Rocky Mountain Way, Kung Fu Fighting and Hoe Down to name a few.  While I am known to love all things agricultural I must admit to never having heard of Hoe Down, but I think I would have liked to seen that one!

Perhaps the best part of the landing water and light show is that the show takes place in what is in the shape (at least to me) of a boat.  I assume it is a steam boat!

Located on the 1.5 mile Taneycomo Lakefront, if in Branson stop by this spectacular attraction that cost the city 7.5 million, but leaves visitors like me transfixed watching the water and fires every move.