Downtown Clarksville Architecture, Farmer’s Market and more!

Downtown Clarksville
Downtown Clarksville
This is one of the water ways in the Downtown Commons

Downtown Clarksville Tennessee is both historical and beautiful.  On a hosted stay, I enjoyed many things over the weekend we were there. I visited the city last November and saw Downtown Clarksville decorated in all of her Christmas finery.  This summer though, I got a chance to enjoy music, theater, new dining options, architecture and summer frolic in the second oldest city in Tennessee.

Downtown Commons.

This vast area is a really big playground with some water options that play out like streams.  When I visited I saw kids big and little ones alike wading, playing and sitting and enjoying family life. This was a green oasis where families and friends can stretch out and enjoy each other.  Individuals as well can just find a quiet place to sit with a book.

Downtown Clarksville
This sculpture is called Window to the World.

I also enjoyed the first piece of public art, in the area, the Window to the World display. This piece of art is a collaborative effort between Charlie Foust of Clarksville Foundry, and sculptor Vaughn Randall. The eight-foot wide iron piece is composed of dozens of individually cast iron pieces.  These pieces emulate the shape and character of the rosette windows in the First Presbyterian Church across on Main Street.

Strawberry Alley

Between our hotel, the Riverview Inn, and the Downtown Commons, we walked along beautiful Strawberry Alley.  We later dined at one of the newest restaurants, Strawberry Alley Ale Works and the next day had breakfast at the popular Yada Yada Deli.

Downtown Clarksville
Called the Children’s Fountain this beautiful statue is located on Strawberry Alley.

Strawberry Alley according to a cool brass plaque we spied, is, “so named because the street was constructed across the strawberry patch of Mrs. Lucinda Elder, wife of James Elder, the first mayor of Clarksville in 1820. In 1859, many attorneys had offices here and it was sometimes called Poverty Row but the name Strawberry Alley remained. After World War I, the alley from Public Square to Second Street was extended and renamed Legion Street.  In 2009, under the leadership of Mayor Johnny Piper and the Clarksville City Council the street was renovated and the name Strawberry Alley restored to the area from First to Second Streets. The area from Second to Third Streets remained Legion Street.”

In front of the plaque is one of the coolest fountains I’ve seen.  Called the Children’s Fountain, Darla Knight of Yada Yada Bakery told us that the figures are all based on children’s literature. I enjoyed the stark beauty of the Federal Building which Darla told us is sometime soon going to be the new home of the Yada Yada Bakery.  She and her husband even took us on tour of this very cool building that is a historic landmark.

Downtown Architecture and More

Across from our hotel is Public Square and one of my favorite architectural buildings, the City Court City Council Chambers, which I love because of the beautiful archway. There is also a lovely statue in this area. We spied a fun statue of the man Montgomery County is named after, John Montgomery.

Downtown Clarksville
Love the architecture of the City Court City Council Chambers!

Next to the Roxy Regional Theatre is a beautiful mural of the Clarksville cityscape that is quite eye-catching!  Next to our hotel is a beautiful old ad for J.F.Couts & Sons Furniture and Undertaking.  Then right below it, is another ad, Uneeda Biscuit!  They are right, sometimes I do!

Shopping Downtown 

The night we were out and about, out end destination was the Roxy Regional Theatre to see the play Oklahoma!.  On our way, we stopped at the neat antique store Esther’s where I found some cool jewelry.  We also stopped in Journey’s Eye Studio and admired the décor and beautiful metal work.  We had seen the owners work earlier (in the lights and other features) at the Strawberry Alley Ale Works.

On Saturday morning, we enjoyed perusing the Downtown Market.

Downtown Clarksville
This musician played great country music while we shopped.

The market has fruit, vegetables, flowers, music and my very favorite, Sacer and Savive, a vendor that has a clothing line that she shares in a neatly decorated trailer that is a mobile shop.  even a vendor in a very neat old trailer.

Downtown Clarksville
Safer and Savive is the name of this cool venue!

These are just some of the places we stopped, before heading out to Historic Collinsville and other fun activities!