Jazz on the Lawn, Beachaven Winery

Beachaven Winery

It was packed for Jazz on the Lawn at Beachaven Winery.  

We were in town the last weekend in July.  Beachaven is located in  Clarksville, Tennessee, a new favorite spot of mine and we were there for a hosted visit.  After setting up our chairs on the lawn, I  picked up a bottle of Melody, Beachaven’s wonderful German white semi dry wine.

With our wine, chairs and glasses, we soon  settled in to listen to music and enjoy the balmy evening.

Beachaven Winery
These young girls were working at the winery.

This is family affair, it is fun watching families and couples unpack their picnics and their gadgets.  Some had wine holders and one couple had chairs that pieced together and sat low to the ground.

Picnics went from carry out to elaborate meals.  One group at the Beachaven Winery brought in their own tables, table cloths and all.  I almost expected a vase of flowers and a chandelier.

Beachaven Winery
Families, friends and couples were set up all over the lawn at Beachaven.

Everyone was jovial and excited about the evening’s entertainment.  One man started dancing before the band even began.  Little ones joined in and soon the band chimed in with wonderful blues music that was mellow and smooth.

A grandpa twirled his granddaughter.  In front of us a little boy no more than three tapped his toes and clicked his finger and thumb together in rhythm before joining in with the other youngsters in their game.

Beachaven Winery
The band was wonderful.

A group of college kids sat down in front of us en mass.  Soon, they  got up to dance.  They moved over on the floor in unison dancing to a song advising a young man to check out the mama before settling down with the daughter.  It was fun watching them move as one unit in a kind of line dance coordinated effect.

The night was filled with music and wine.  No one was noisy, everyone was respectful and enjoyed the camaraderie that the music on the lawn offered.  Beachaven Winery was a magical place that caught summer in a fleeting moment that I will long remember.

If you get a chance to head out to Beachaven for one of their Jazz on the Lawn sessions before the season ends I recommend it.  This 30 year tradition continues up until the end of October.  Log onto www.beachavenwinery.com for details.