A Scavenger Hunt at Legends Outlet

While Legends Outlets in Kansas City Kansas is of course, a place to shop, it is much more.   I found this out on a wonderful hosted trip the first week in August. Maila Yang of Visit Kansas City headed up a group of writers, and we learned that the Legends Outlets showcases famous Kansans in athletics, music, exploration, science, technology, politics, art and much more.  We participated in a Scavenger Hunt that introduced us to some of the men and women that have helped make Kansas unique.

Legends Outlets
Stores, art, entertainment and more await you at Legends Outlets.

What fun we had tracking down these icons.  We darted in and out of the beautiful courtyards and corridors at Legends Outlets.  I loved the art and statues of Legends Outlets.  What a great way to learn and have fun!

What did I learn while traveling through Kansas history?  I learned that Clyde Tombaugh who discovered Pluto in 1930; studied the night sky from his boyhood home in Burdett, Kansas.  On this trip I learned a lot about Native Americans in the area.  At the Legends Outlets I found out  the first Native American Vice President of the United States was Charles Curtis from Topeka Kansas.  Curtis  served under Herbert Hoover as the nation’s 31st Vice President.

Legend’s Outlets offers art as well as stores, dining and entertainment.

Autopilot must correspond with cruise on the car right?  Well I learned that David Blanton from Wichita, Kansas invented the autopilot in 1954!

While some of the history was life changing, others was just fun like Klondike Kate from Junction City, Kansas.  Kate was the famous Yukon territory dancehall girl of the 1898 Canadian gold rush.

Some of the history just called for pictures and selfies.  One of these was the Osage Indian sculpture.  The Osage Indians lived in Kansas and they are reported as the largest Native people in North American, with many Osage men averaging over 6-feet tall. Sara Broers of Travels With Sara, and the Co-Founder of the Midwestern Travel Bloggers posed for a picture with this stately icon.

Legends Outlets
Sara Broers posed with this beautiful statue of the Osage Indian.

Amelia Mary Earhart’s likeness beside her plane is also on display. This American aviation pioneer and author also called out for pictures!  Who doesn’t want their picture taken next to the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean?

Legends Outlets
Who wouldn’t want to pose by Amelia Earhart?

Then there was the yellow brick road which called for a little Gene Kelly type of dancing, not that my moves could ever be compared, but hey, we were having fun, or at least, I was having fun!

There is so much to see and do at Legends Outlets.  As Kansas City’s premier outdoor shopping and entertainment destination they are the only designer outlet center in the area. Legends Outlets offers more than 100 designer outlets, retail, dining and entertainment options, Legends Outlets offers something for every style, age and price range.

Legends Outlets
So many flavors to choose from!

Before we concluded our evening we did one other wonderful thing, we stepped back in time and visited an old fashioned soda shop.  KC Soda Co. where we all picked out a special soda, then had them turned into an old fashioned ice cream soda.  Since I’m diabetic, I chose a diet root beer and a very small scoop of ice cream to keep the sugar content low.  Yum.

What fun.  When in Kansas City, keep Legends Outlets on your radar as a place to shop, eat and learn!