A Day on Mackinac Island!

So, we had never been to Mackinac Island have you? We had certainly heard a lot of wonderful things about it though. Since we were up in the area it only seemed right to stop.

Mackinaw Island
The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island

The Dilemma

We didn’t have time for a real visit. All we had time for was a half day at best. An afternoon and evening, what was a girl and guy to do?We decided to visit the legendary Mackinac Island while we had the chance. Life is short, who knew when we would be back again.

The Bridge!

We were on our way home and decided to visit the island and stay overnight at St. Ignace which is on the north end of the Mackinac Bridge.  This amazing bridge spans the Straits of Mackinac connecting the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan.

Mackinaw Island
The amazing Mackinac Bridge


Bridge acts

The famous bridge opened in 1957 and is almost as famous as the island!  The bridge is 26,372feet long making it the world’s 20th-longest main span. The Mackinac Bridge is part of Interstate 75 it is part of the U.S. North Country National Scenic Trail.

Schepler’s Ferry

Our chariot to Mackinac Island was Schepler’s Ferry. This fun ride is family business that is now run by the 3rd generation. We arrived on the island in Mid-afternoon.

Mackinaw Island
A ride on a horse and buggy gave us a great view and local history!

iving early afternoon, we took Scheplers Ferry, a 3rd generation run business to the island.  It was a fun ride.  With plans to take the next to the last ferry ride back making a day of it, we set out for Mackinac Island.  One of the first sites we saw from the water was the beautiful Grand Hotel. 

Ladage’s Play Tourist

Here horsey, horsey! I had begged that we tour the island by horse and buggy. I am a sucker to hear the story of a place and we thought what a better way to hear about the island in our short amount of time than by horse and buggy.

You won’t find any cars on the island because no motorized vehicles are allowed. So lots of horses and bikes are everywhere. You really can find a place to step back and slow down!

It didn’t take long to find a horse and buggy and secure a seat and away we went!  We were fascinated to see building materials and everything in between being moved by horse power

History and more history

Mackinaw Island
Historic Church is just one of the historic places on the island.

Indians, missionaries and Forts is the history in a nutshell!

An article will be coming out in Senior News & Times that will parlay the history and one in Farm World that will provide details of the amazing Carriage Museum for those that like old iron.

Leave it to say, the English had a heyday on the island and were not really gone until 1815! There is a Fort; they even have a cemetery where soldiers and others are buried as well.  We chose not to stop here because of time, but it was quite fascinating.  There is a beautiful church and several historical buildings to explore as well if time allows.  Who knew that on Mackinac Island there was history that goes so far back?

Main street was filled with fudge shops (more than a girl can imagine) lots of diners, souvenirs and charming B & B’s. While these were cool, it was the history that drew me and would draw me back again.


Mackinaw Island
Waiting on the ferry.

Surprisingly, it really wasn’t until after the Civil War and the Grand Hotel was built that tourism arrived at the island. Shops, cottages, fishing and such started popping up and remains!

The Wrap & the bridge drive

We stopped and dined at a fun restaurant on the main street, then took the seven o’clock ferry back to St. Ignace.  We stayed the nigh. The next day, we paid our fee and drove across the amazing bridge. 

We had heard about the tractor drive that occurs in September of each year and would love to be a part of it!  I learned that if driving across the bridge overwhelming to you, you can have a driver take you across.

This was only a day and a weekend would be better, but when time is short, take what you can get and don’t look back!