Loving Pawnee, Loving a small town

I live outside a small town on a farm. Although my address says Virden, my kids went to school in Pawnee. I get my library books in Pawnee. My mom still lives in Pawnee, so I consider my hometown as Pawnee.

The new police memorial is one of the new things I noticed by bike.

While I travel a lot, it is really cool to hear good things about your small town. Imagine yesterday while coming home from Chicago in the car with my daughter we have the radio on and I hear, “One of the safest towns in the US is ….”

Drumroll!!!!! Pawnee. They stated, “A village in Sangamon County just outside of Springfield….”

The rating was for towns in size from 2,500 to 15,000 and Illinois had four towns and Pawnee was one of them. The local police keep the town safe. We have a good school and I have a lot of history here.

Roots run deep in a small town.

Pawnee is not a hotbed of activity. We don’t have millions of things to do, but we have a nice park, a few places to eat and a local bar and wine bar that bring in local entertainment.

Then too, there is always the Pawnee Picnic! What is a small town without it’s summer picnic to bring in bands, crown a Queen and of course have a tractor show?

Keith and I with his John Deere B at the Pawnee Picnic

Last year my husband Keith and his brothers had a major family event with their John Deere B’s. They brought their tractors to town and had a family collection and gathering. I called it Gathering of the B’s. It was really gathering of the Ladages!

So, I love my small town, and evidently, so do a lot of other people. It is a safe place and that makes it wonderful to come home to.