Safe Travels During Spring Planting

safe travels
Large Equipment can take up a lot of room on the road.

It is spring and it is beautiful. Everyone wants to head out to the backroads and see the countryside. However, for safe travels there is one thing to remember while you head that direction. Farmers are on the move and in the way!

With recent rains in the Midwest slowing spring planting if there is a dry spot, farmers are moving with haste to plant their crops.


Big equipment is on the move. Farmers are applying nitrogen that didn’t get applied last fall. They are working ground, they are planting crops. Up and down rural roads farmers are working and it can be a dangerous situation to motorists not watching, and farmers in a hurry.

Tip for safe travels

Just being extra cautious is the first word to the wise from this farmer’s wife. Country FINANCIAL offered some tips to for safe travels and to help keep accidents at a minimum. Eric Vanasdale, loss control supervisor at Country FINANCIAL said, “Farmers are under an intense amount of pressure during planting season. Caution and patience are key.”

As a farmer’s wife, I can state that Eric is correct.


Some of the tips that Country FINANCIAL offer are just common sense. 1)Remember decrease speed as you approach agricultural equipment. 2)Never pass in a no passing zone. 3) But to me, the most important from a farm perspective for safe travels is remember that farm equipment may be wider than what is visible from behind. It may be difficult to see if traffic is approaching in the opposite direction.

Sunrise and sunset you may want to choose other routes besides the scenic backroads because vision can be restricted. Farmers try their hardest to watch out for motorists during this busy time, but they can only get over so far. Sometimes the best thing to do is pull over and wait for them to pass.


Enjoy the beauty of the backroads, spring is a glorious time. Just remember that Mr. or Ms. Farmer has a job to do and that time is of essence. Try these trips for safe travels and enjoy the beauty of spring and the backroads as we all work together to share the roads!