Fun on Route 66 & Beyond

Sometimes it is fun just to take off and turn a duty trip into a fun one. It was my husband Keith’s birthday and we had an oil change in Collinsville, Illinois, after that we were as they say on American Pickers, freewheeling!

Keith wanted Barbecue so we did what I always advise travelers to do, ask the locals what the best place around is. The answer Wood Fire & Smoke Wood Fired Kitchen in Troy. This was just a hop, skip and jump away so off we went.

fun on Route 66
We loved this BBQ joint.

The food was awesome, Keith got his pulled pork and I had a great turkey fajita! Good for me and not so heavy.

Next he wanted to troll antiques. What better place than the Pink Elephant Antique Mall which is the former Livingston High school. Here over 50 dealers fill the former school.

The Twistee Treat Diner is there along with a plethora of Route 66 items kept me happy snapping pictures for a long time. Inside there was also a wonderful new fudge shop where Keith and I took off with some of the best chocolate walnut fudge I’ve ever had.

fun on Route 66
Love this icon of Route 66

Next stop was for me. I love roadside stops and memorials. The stop was the lovely Veteran’s Memorial in Livingston. This was a tribute to all War veterans.

Our last stop was at Country Classic Cars where we walked through the buildings and perused the lovely antique cars. A game we play is ‘what is your favorite?’ and we both settled on a lovely jeep, although there are several we would have loved to take home!


I also loved the beautiful hood ornaments. Such art!

hood ornament

Other sights along the way were a farmer cutting hay and so much more. What trips have you taken lately, just free wheeling?

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  1. Allison Fraser

    I love turning an errand or road trip into a fun excursion. Even better when I can find a great place to eat! Sounds like you guys made the most of this trip. Let me know if you want some suggestions for restaurants on your next trip.

    1. Cindy

      Allison, I would love suggestions for our next trip! How kind.

  2. Andi

    I have been on the Southwestern portion of Route 66 but have yet to do any of the Midwest – looks like so much fun! I want to do the whole thing one day!

    1. Cindy

      This was great fun Andi! You would love the Route 66 stops in this part of the route!