Mr. Farmer’s Thieman comes home

Today my husband brought home another project. It was a Thieman tractor. He purchased this piece of metal art from a friend. It is a little rough, but she’s a beauty.

He traveled to Iowa to pick her up, the same state she was manufactured in.

Thieman Harvester
Keith with his new treasure!

History of the Thieman Harvester Co.

Thieman grill shows a bit of the metal intricacy.

The Thieman tractor was a kit tractor. It was manufactured by the Thieman Harvester Co. out of Albert City, Iowa from 1936 – 1942 or so. This tractor arrived in pieces at the farm to be assembled by the buyer. The purchaser provided the engine, driveshaft and rear axle.

Thankfully this one had all that. So Keith was ahead of the game.

The Plan

She wasn’t too sure what to think of this new tractor.

When Keith got home from picking it up with his brother Kim last night they parked it. This afternoon we drove to a friend’s and a guy was able to weld the pipe in place and now Keith says with a little work she will run. I will need convincing.

And so does my grand dog.

End of Story

Thieman Harvester
Even the wheel has a bit of art in it. Until it is finished, at least it is pretty in a rustic kind of way.

But without a doubt. Keith is super happy with his new purchase. Our poor neighbors never know what is going to be coming in our drive. They may question moving next door to us. Maybe we provide a bit of entertainment anyway?

But one day in the somewhat, kind of, sort of, future, the Thieman will be a running moving machine ready for the next tractor show.

Until then? She is a piece of metal art!

Do you travel for treasures? What did you get and where did you go to get it?

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  1. Doreen Pendgracs

    My husband would love to visit Albert City & learn all about the Thieman Harvester. Happy summer!

    1. Cindy

      I would like to go their as well!

  2. Andi

    I don’t travel for treasures but I love the stories behind objects! I love finding the history behind older brands.

    1. Cindy

      That is usually our story as well! I love seeing agricultural history unfold.