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As summer approached every trip was cancelled because the fieldwork just didn’t get done. Rain, and more rain. This was the story of farming in the Midwest in 2019. We were going to North Dakota to Medora to a wonderful Midwest Blogger event, cancelled. We were heading to a steam event at Rollag, cancelled. It was becoming the rerun word of the summer. Then, the sun came out, and the fields were planted. My husband, Keith the farmer said, “Let’s go to the Classic Green Reunion” and away we went!

What is the Classic Green Reunion?

The Classic Green Reunion is an all John Deere event. It was held in Grand Island, Nebraska June 13 – 15, 2019. The event was at Fonner Park, the Nebraska State Fair Grounds.

The State Fair Grounds were the perfect place for this event that brought amazing John Deere tractors from all over the US. There were big buildings with plenty of room. Great space outside. I loved the amazing windmills on the fairgrounds as well.

Fonner Park
This windmill was a 10 foot diameter “Dempster” No. 4 Vaneless Windmill.

The show was sponsored by Green Magazine, Aumann Auctions, Mecum Auctions, Green Line Equipment and Deere & Company (and I hope I didn’t miss anyone). This celebrated Classic antique tractors, and everything Deere.

Collector Heaven

Keith had his “must have” list. As soon as we arrived he was out of the pick up truck heading for parts. Much to my delight I ran into Carol and Richard Hain of Green Magazine. I saw Richard’s marvelous John Deere car that he has created out of John Deere parts on a Model T Ford chassis. The John Deere Roadster was a huge hit!

Classic Green
Jay Stefan’s Trector!

It would be hard to say what we loved most about the show besides the fact of getting away from the farm after such a long hard spring! My favorite tractor of the show may sound funny, but it was Jay Stefan’s Trectar, a 1939 John Deere A with an Ash tree growing through it!

Classic Green
Love the sun shade option! Not sure if that is the right name, but it sure is cool!

I also loved a 1965 4020 LP Syncro Hi-Crop Cane Loading tractor, a Lanz potato digger, and the wonderful Seabee Navy Deere tractors from the 1970’s era. In the lawn and garden tractors I also had a soft spot for a garden tractor with a cool sun shade fan like apparatus connected that I had never seen before!

That’s what I love seeing things for the first time!

Keith’s favorite

Keith was all about the last John Deere A. He had been looking for this tractor for quite some time. He was delighted to see it on display. He also was partial to a JD G with an extra wide wide-front on display as well.

Classic  Green
Keith was partial to this beautiful G.

There were many rare and different tractors that made this event so special. There were lawn and garden tractors, there were toys, there were hicrops, there was memorabilia. Best of all, there were people together that loved the hobby with stories and time to share them!


This show was so well organized. There were rides to and from the cars. There was food, (loved the Mexican food truck) places to sit, and ice cream! Yummy wonderful ice cream.

The show went off without a hitch and sure makes us want to come back to the next one 2021!

Check out their website for more information!

The Wrap

Classic Green
We will always remember Richard Hain’s beautiful JD roadster!

The hubby got several of the parts he was looking for except a rim for my grand daughter Lilly’s LA tractor. He was a happy camper. On the way home we stopped by Farmall Land. It is an amazing museum. I found lots of stories for upcoming publications. I found lots of places I want to come back to like the Arbor Lodge Mansion in Nebraska City!

Best of all though my farmer got a chance to get his mind off the crops. Well sort of. It rained four inches while we were gone washing out most of the replant. But that’s farming and this year is one for the record books!

If you enjoyed this article you might enjoy reading about last year’s 100 years of John Deere event!

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