Fun at Barn-N-Bunk Farm Market

Fall is here and that means looking for pumpkins, apples and fun on the farm. You will find all of that at Barn-N-Bunk in Trenton, Ohio’s Butler County Ohio.

Apples make me think fall every time!

Traveling with Sara Broers of Travel with Sara, on a hosted trip we loved the Barn N Bunk Farm Market . Being the farm girl, and the tractor lover, I am, I was impressed right off the bat. Right as you drive in there are two silos with antique tractors painted on them.  One is an Oliver 77 and one is a Farmall M. 

Everything about these silos says farming!

These cool silos are a gateway into the farm market.  Owner Tom Theobold shared a bit of the history of those tractors that grace the silos. “The Oliver 77 was my dad’s first new tractor and my father-in-law had the Farmall M.”

Tom posed with these family tractors that grace the silos on the farm market.

This was just the tip of the iceberg of his amazing collection. We hit it off the bat right away when I said, “Do you have antique tractors here?”

An article coming up in Red Power will profile his Farmall collection!

Barn-N-Bunk history

After meeting with Tom Theobold, we learned the background of the Barn-N-Bunk. Previously this location was a farm. In 1992 Tom and his wife Bev started the farm market.

The house on the property was home to Tom’s dad in the 1930s. Then the farm was in Bev’s family since 1941. Today it is where their son Brian, who works at the farm fulltime lives.

Other family members are involved with the farm market on a part-time basis.

New Use for Old Buildings at Barn-N-Bunk

Tom’s old milk parlor on the farm has new life as a pottery shed run by Julie Blair.

The Theobold family also has two renovated barns onsite. The barns serve as both the retail shop and where weddings and events take place. Both barns don’t appear nearly as old as they are. They are sided so they won’t weather.

This restored 1893 barn serves as a place for events and weddings.

The first barn where his shop is located and this barn was originally built in Trenton around 1900. The information on the Barn-N-Bunk homepage shares, “It is a pegged barn, originally used for general farm needs–livestock shelter, hay and equipment storage, etc. “

This barn is used for the retail shop. The second barn is used for weddings and events. This barn was originally built in 1893.  The history on their webpage states, “It was a three-story white bank barn, located close to the highway.”

A place for collectibles

This wooden wagon found a place in the retail space!

The barns also are a place for Tom to put his neat collectibles. He even has a beautiful wooden wagon stashed away in one!

There is always something going on at the Barn-N-Bunk. Besides the amazing looking produce, check out all of the wonderful activities that take place here.

Plus, the silos are worth a stop just for the art alone!

Farm Markets

I love to stop at and write about farm markets like this and others. In the past I have stopped at one in Clarksville, TN. I have even been to one as far as British Columbia’s Comox Valley and as close as Chicago! If you enjoy these fun stops, read on!

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