Orchids a visual show!

Orchid Beauty
orchid beauty

Quarantining at home? I thought a little orchid beauty might be in order. A couple weeks ago I visited the still open annual Orchid show! The show is located at the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Regenstein Center. The show began on February 10th and was scheduled to go through March 25th. Like many other events, closed due to health concerns. However, I will share some of what I saw on my glorious visit!

orchid beauty

Orchid Beauty Details

The Chicago Botanic Garden is located in Glencoe, Illinois. The show included over 10,000 blooms. These lovely blooms were decorated in a variety of ways. They used light reflection and translucent panels, changing as the sun moves throughout the day to show different views.  This made sense because the name of this show was: Brilliance: The Orchid Show.

orchid beauty

What was truly amazing to me were the vivid colors included in the display. The orchid beauty installations included a canopy of color, a floating carpet and a dramatic chandelier.

Besides the orchids, the greenhouse also had other plants that made me feel that spring is really on the way.

puff flower

Flowers bring joy

orchid love

Seeing the amazing colors of the orchids is enough to lift spirits when adding in the lovely artistic installations. A little art, some flowers, and some reflection, and life is a bit better.

May you find some wonder in this online view of the orchid beauty Brilliance: The Orchid Show. Embrace the warmth of the amazing beauty these blooms bring to life!

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  1. Holly Wietfeldt

    Cindy, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of God’s spectacular creation.

    1. Cindy

      You are so welcome Holly, I was glad to bring some of God’s beauty to all in these sheltered times!