Staying and Dining in Fayetteville NC!

Hopefully one day soon we will look up and this health scare will be over. When it is, you will be looking for places to travel. A couple weeks ago I was invited on a hosted visit to the wonderful city of Fayetteville, North Carolina. I traveled south with my friend Annie Jansen. We had a lot of exciting things we did when we visited! Here are a list of great dining options in Fayetteville!

dining in fayetteville
Annie and I at the Fairfield Inn in Fayetteville getting ready to dine out! Many carry out options are available today.

Fayetteville has an amazing food scene! Even though you may not be able to dine-in currently, if you are in the area now, you may be able to enjoy carry out and support the local economy in that way!


I stayed at the beautiful Fairfield Inn and Suites Fayetteville North on Ramsey Street. The hotel was so perfect because of so many things. The lobby is the first thing you notice when you come in. It is so welcoming and the blue background behind the desk is beautiful! After check in, they asked us if we needed anything and even called to see if we were comfortable!

The room was great. It had a mini-fridge, good WiFi connectivity which is very important on a business trip. There was a bathtub which I love. The hotel offered a hot breakfast as well. We took advantage of this every morning.

There is also a pool which Annie and I enjoyed. They have an exercise room as well.

Dining in Fayetteville the Fayetteville Pie Company!

Fayetteville Pie Company
Leslie Parson shared a bit about her restaurant with me at the Fayetteville Pie Company where she serves up both savory and sweet pies!

The first place we tried was the amazing Fayetteville Pie Company. Owned by Leslie Parson and her husband Justin, they create sweet and savory pies and you are served both with your meal! I ordered the Chicken Marsala pie and chocolate mousse dessert pie. I couldn’t eat the entire savory pie, but not because I didn’t want to, I stuffed all the chocolate in though, not nary a crumb was left.

This was such a cool place to eat. When I asked Leslie why pies? She said, “I grew up in a rural town in Missouri. My grandma lived near by and my cousins did too.”

She said that would always stop at their grandmas and she had an open-door policy and always had something to eat. With so many mouths to feed, she often used her garden, and lefts over to create amazing meals often in the form of a pie! This is the basis of Leslie’s pies today. It sure works! We met Melody Foote, executive Director of communications for the Fayetteville Area Convention & Visitors Bureau there. Melody and Annie and I all three had a different combinations and each was wonderful!

FYI, the Fayetteville Pie Company has been ranked the best pie in North Carolina by Tasting Table!

Dinner at the Mash House

dining in Fayetteville
Root beer served as dessert at the Mash House!

Being a farmer, I appreciate the fact that the Mash House supports North Carolina farmers and growers using local products as does the Fayetteville Pie Company. Open since 2001, they rank high for their steaks, chops and award winning beer.

Besides beer, they also brew their own root beer which both Annie and I tried and loved. We decided to split the appetizer Garlic Cheesy Bread, then got our own salad and split the herb roasted chicken. With the chicken they served cheese grits and steamed broccoli with beurre blanc. Perfect! We felt like we didn’t get too off track and had an amazing meal!

Fowler’s, Formerly the Blind Pig

dining in Fayetteville
Dave Nash at Fowler’s showing their locations!

We met David Nash of the Visitor’s Bureau at Fowler’s, formerly known as the Blind Pig. This wonderful BBQ stop used to be a food truck that grew so popular that they opened a restaurant last spring. In fact we later learned that at the Visitor’s Bureau David had to take food back because Fowler’s is so loved! I had a pork and chicken taco with mild BBQ sauce and it was soooo good! They used a slaw on it even though I did deign not to have the jalapeno on it. I had baked beans on the side and loved every bite.

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

We got dressed up to dine at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant! This is a wonderful place that specializes in homemade sauces and pan sauteed pasta dishes. They offer over 300 selections of wines.

Wonderful Luigi’s!

When we headed out it was raining and amazingly when we arrived there was a double rainbow right over Luigis just like a sign to come on in and sample the pot of gold!

dining in fayetteville
Here is the lovely rainbow that greeted us!

The restaurant opened in 1982 by Peter Parrous, an immigrant of Greece. His family still runs this wonderful establishment! I had pasta and Cesar salad and enjoyed every bite. The ambiance was as inviting as the dining!

These are the dining options we tried while in town. Note! Many of these are currently open on a limited basis for takeout right now and can be enjoyed if you are local. If not, when the time comes, they are waiting for you to sample and the Fairfield Inn is the perfect place to stay to enjoy it all!

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