Write this history down!

Are you keeping a journal about these crazy times? We all know that this pandemic will come and go but not without changing how with live and leaving the world a different place. I’m not quite sure what the new norm will be when reality returns.

This health scare is brutal and it is like we are in the midst of a Twilight Zone segment. The only time I recall hearing of anything like this is the 1918 Flu Pandemic during World War I.

During that terrible epidemic they estimate that about 500 million people or one-third of the world’s population became infected with this virus. Worldwide around 50 million worldwide died with about 675,000 deaths occurring in the United States! Thankfully these days we are much advanced medically and I think we will get a handle on Coronavirus much sooner than they did on Influenza at the turn of the Century.

Whatever your role this is during this Pandemic history, you have a unique story to tell. You may want to keep a journal of this to recall later on. Why write it down?

Writing is calming.

As you journal and put thoughts on paper, writing can have a calming effect. Pouring emotions on paper tends to clear your vision and create a new picture when you put them in print.

Create a historical record.

Your story is creating a historical record that is one of a kind, so write it down! No one else is having quite the same experience you are. What has happened to you? Where were you when the outbreak occurred? How have you handled it? What has happened where you live? How has this affected you and your family, your workplace? This is something distinctive to each industry, each location and each person. This is valuable information that can be useful down the road.

History for your children & grandchildren.

I love to hear stories about my mother’s childhood. It is a different world that they lived in and even a different world that I lived in compared to what my grandchildren live in today. While my two grandkids will recall the Pandemic because they too are living it, they won’t remember that Grandma was visiting Fayetteville, North Carolina when things really started and that Grandpa and I were on the farm during the worst of it. How this unwinds is a story your family will want to know and if you have a recording of it, it could provide precious family insight.

Book, movie who knows!

When this is all done, if you are a writer you might have a book, a movie script or mini series! If nothing else, it will help keep you sane during insane times, so write it down for history sake.

Note: Finding a good book or two is another way to wile away the time as well!

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