Driving a John Deere 80

Okay, like all of you, I am in quarantine. But I am home on the farm and thought I would try to learn something new. I have been reading all types of things people are learning during this #stayathometime. I read of one woman learning target practice, another a type of dance and others even trying to learn new languages while at home. For me though it was a natural to work on my antique tractor driving techniques. Learning to drive a tractor was my try to learn while at home idea!

Learning to drive a tractor

When I saw Keith get out the old 1955 John Deere 80, I had to give it a go. While he coached me, I drove the old girl up and down our drive. I admit to as Keith called it, “riding the clutch”, but I was quite happy with my run. Hopefully in the days to come, I can drive it full throttle!

driving a tractor
It was fun driving the John Deere 80 in our drive!

What are you learning?

We have a rare opportunity right now before life gets back to busy. Take that time to do something you always wanted to do whether cooking, learning to drive a tractor, writing, dancing or whatever!. What is your ‘I always wanted to do?’ With the internet almost everything is possible. Make it happen. I’d love to hear all about it.