A Walk Around the Rail

You have three choices if you want to walk near the Rail Golf Course in Sherman, Illinois. First there is Carpenter Park, and then there is a public walking path around the course, then of course you can also play a round of golf and carry your clubs!

a walk around the rail
Walking part belonging to the Village of Sherman.

The Rail Golf Course

While today this lovely golf course located near the Sangamon River and Carpenter Park is a residential area, it was once a 240-acre dairy farm. Golfer Robert Trent Jones designed this 18 hole golf course. The Rail is often voted as one of the best places to play golf in central Illinois.

Carpenter Park

Carpenter Park Walk

To walk at Carpenter Park, I noted that you just have to turn into the Rail. Off to the left is a small parking lot. There is a nature path entry. The Illinois Times outdoor visitors guide notes that the park offers 434 acres and that , “A winding park road leads to a clearing with a parking lot, historic stone shelter, a picnic area and a map. The park is primarily used for hiking and nature observation. Part of the park is an Illinois Nature Preserve.”

The path was shaded and looked lovely, but my sister that lives in the area noted that when she and her husband have walked they have often come back with a tick or two. With that in mind, I decided to choose the concrete path for today’s walk. I decided to leave the nature walk for a drier day when there had been less rain. Debbie said the path could be muddy.

Carpenter Park though is an old growth forest and quite lovely area.

Walking Trail around Sherman

The trail in front of the Rail is part of a walk and bike trail belonging to the Village of Sherman. You can park and then walk. One path veers around the golf course, another towards a playground and shelter. I enjoy all the things you can see during a walk.

walk around the rail

There is a bit of natural fauna. Then, across the road there was Carter Brother’s Lumber. They used to have stables and there is a cool statue of a horse atop their sign. The lumberyard was established way back in 1950!

walk around the rail

Along the pathway near the parking spots is a rock dedicated to Nancy Zibutus. The rock is in recognition to her dedication as a Village Trustee. Then there is a great picnic shelter, this would be a nice place for a picnic lunch! There is also an amphitheater and restroom and concessions for when events are held. Currently with COVID-19 restrooms are not open and walking is in one direction.

There is also a wonderful playground that once restrictions have been lifted will make a great place to take the grandkids!

A Walk Around the Rail

Saved baby turtle!

During my walk around the Rail, I felt the sun on my back, saw some golfers, some lovely plants. I even saw a baby turtle that a kind soul moved to the grass so it would not be run over by moving traffic!

All in all, in was a great way to spend the morning , moving and learning more about what there is to see and do locally!

What discoveries have you made in your own backyard? There are treasures everywhere outdoors for us to tap and enjoy. A little nature walk provides fresh air and exercise offering a healthy mental health break from whatever ails you.

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  1. Doreen Pendgracs

    You are so right, Cindy. When we walk around a neighborhood, we discover so many amazing treasures we would otherwise miss.

  2. Kim

    I’m also starting to discover peaceful nature walks closer to home these days. We’ve been lucky enough to spot deer once.

    1. Cindy

      I’ve been enjoying discovering the places around home to hike and finding treasures I didn’t know were here!

  3. Jennifer Ciha

    My kids would love to fun a baby turtle. How fun!

    1. Cindy

      It was so cute, so small!

  4. Pamela McKuen

    Pretty photography in and around the Rail Golf Course. It feels so good to be outside after being cooped up so long. I hope the baby turtle stays safe–and you, too!

    1. Cindy

      Thanks, it was a fun day for a walk!

  5. Rina

    I’ve been walking and hiking around areas of my hometown that I normally don’t see. So, there’s always an upside 🙂 Great photos.