A walk through Southwind Park

a walk through Southwind Park

Travel these days means a walk in a nearby locale! Part of the excitement has been finding fun nearby places to stretch the legs. We also want to see some new scenery. It was a bit wet for hiking, this Friday. But a walk through Southwind Park in the Springfield, Illinois proved to be a perfect place to get in a wonderful walk!

Walking through Southwind Park
There are even musical instruments to play at Southwind Park like this xylophone.

This is a very special park. Southwind is designed to be very inclusive for those with disabilities. When the hubby and I went last Friday, we were just looking for a place to enjoy a nice walk. The easy 2 1/2 mile concrete trail offered the perfect solution.

Architectural Views

a walk through Southwind Park
This cool treehouse is an architectural attraction kids of all ages will enjoy the view from.

The walk through Southwind park offers a lot of neat things to take in. One of the most interesting items is the Treeless Treehouse. We took the time to climb up the ramp into the treehouse. Once up in the treehouse we looked up and admired the detailed roof above.

walk through Southwind park
The beauty is in the details.

We walked past the cool steel archways that had a bench you could sit under and enjoy sitting and thinking a bit if you didn’t want to move. There were several people enjoying the trail the day we were there and a couple adults were enjoying the archways admiring the formation.

This offers a light show at night.

There is a structure in the shape of a sunflower. My granddaughter told me one day that this sunflower puts on quite a light show at night.

Gardens at Southwind Park

It was a bit early for the gardens during our walk through Southwind Park. We did notice a cool tree lined walkway and too be honest, the grass was a little overgrown. I think with reduced staff that the garden areas are a bit neglected, but the area is still quite lovely.

When this reopens, after COVID-19, there are special gardens and even a great lawn for games and this will be a big hit then. The lawn is an 8-acre grassy area ideal for kite flying, Frisbee and just hanging out with friends and family. According to their website, they offer five sensory gardens. “The Enabling Garden has raised planters for seated gardening. The Tranquility Garden, for persons with Alzheimer’s or dementia, has seating areas and a grove of white birches. The Fragrant Garden features a waterfall and sensory plants in easy reach. The Children’s Garden includes a vegetable garden, native plant area, bird attracting garden and many different paths and whimsical items. The Butterfly Garden has interpretive signage, seating and a water feature.”

Water attractions at Southwind Park

These mallards were near the fishing pier.

There is a pond where people were fishing and we saw mallard ducks while we walked through Southwind Park on Friday. Creek beds and fountain attractions are empty at the moment, but I am sure will be filled again soon.

One of the best attractions that will open eventually is the splash pad. Last year I took the grandkids there and it is a huge hit!

So much more

The area has so much to offer. Now with its trails giving us and others a place to walk with paths and beautiful things to look at and admire. In the future, a walk through Southwind Park will offer attractions like Erin’s Pavilion, a certified LED building, the gazebo and the picnic benches and playground will offer so much more as well!

I’m grateful

I’m thankful for the trails that we could walk on. These trails are also open for bicycles as well. Being concrete you can push a stroller, a wheel chair and just walk with ease. It is wonderful to be able to get exercise, fresh air, and travel locally in an architecturally lovely place!

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  1. Pamela McKuen

    Art, architecture and nature–my three favorite things. (The fourth would be wine.) Thanks for introducing me to the beautiful Southwind Park.

    1. Cindy

      The wine would be a nice addition!