The St. Louis Aquarium, let’s go!

Want to visit the St. Louis Aquarium? I just visited along with my friend Rose Hammitt on a hosted visit! The St. Louis Aquarium reopened on June 8th after being closed during COVID-19. On our visit Rose and I saw sharks, jelly fish, a seahorse, an anteater and more! This amazing aquarium offers over 13,000 animals!

St. Louis aquarium

The St. Louis Aquarium is located in St. Louis Missouri’s Union Station. Union Station is a National Historic Landmark. At its 1894 opening, the station was the largest in the world that had tracks and passenger service areas all on one level.

Tickets to the St. Louis Aquarium!

There are a few things you need to know. First during these pandemic times you must purchase tickets ahead. The St. Louis Aquarium is offering timed ticketing so you don’t have to wait in long lines. The cost for adults is $25.00 and children $18. Children are defined as from 3-12. You can save extra money with an annual pass and buy combined tickets for the Aquarium and St. Louis Wheel and other attractions. like the rope course!

With safety precautions the aquarium is only registering guests at about 25% occupancy. This offers safety to visitors, but along with the safety measure, Rose and I found that our visit was not so busy with the smaller crowd!

Safety Precautions

Before entering you will need your mask, and they will take your temperature. After this, visitors must social distance, but then most exhibits are open and away you go!

What will you see at the St. Louis Aquarium?

St. Louis Aquarium
Rose at the cool clock aquarium!

When you first enter, there is a very cool clock aquarium that is around the same size as the clock on the Union Station tower. The narrated train ride is not accessible at the moment because of social distancing, but once it is, you will be able to hear the narration by local St. Louis native John Goodman!

There are a variety of galleries. One is the Confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Then there is the Global Rivers gallery sharing fish from around the world. The Changing Rivers gallery is a personal favorite where I was able to watch the fun river otters frolicking.

river otters

The Ocean Shore gallery shows life where rivers meet the oceans in this particular ecosystem. Then there is the mysterious Shark Alley and the Deep. I loved the way you descend into Shark Alley. On the website they share, “This 250,000 gallon habitat, the largest in the Aquarium, provides multiple, awe-inspiring opportunities to view the incredible marine life that reside here. Watch Sandbar sharks and Lesser devil rays gracefully swim by…”

The Deep includes those animals that emit light!


There are many interactive activities included in the aquarium like the Doctor fish. Also called red garra, or nibble fish. This Western Asia species will give you a manicure, as you dip your hands in the tank. Offered next to it is a hand washing station!

I also had the chance to feed a stingray who grabbed the little fish right out of my hand!

St. Louis Aquarium

Animal displays vary, the day we were there, a cute lesser anteater named Annie was performing. There is also a very cool dive show!

Once you have finished touring, there is also the River, an educational stop to learn about history and conservation.

It’s a wrap

Allow a couple hours for your tour. Depending on who you have with you will determine the length of time of your visit. With my grand kids ages 9 and 10 it would be about an hour and a half I expect. This really is a great stop for younger children as well because while the aquarium is good size, it is not so large that it is overwhelming.

We were impressed with what we saw and did and I think you will be too!

Besides the aquarium, we also rode the St. Louis Wheel and dined at the Train Shed who were also taking measures to stay safe against COVID.

Travel to Union Station, park, ride, tour and dine! All in one place you will find a great afternoon of fun.

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