A View from the St. Louis Wheel!

I crave great views and my latest great view was of the St. Louis, Missouri skyline from the St. Louis Wheel. The St. Louis Wheel is a huge Ferris wheel at Union Station. My friend Rose Hammitt and I were hosted at the St. Louis Wheel where we rode 200 feet high to an astounding view on a clear June day!

St. Louis Wheel
You can even see the Arch from the view.

Parking is available at Union Station for all the activities they offer! There is both a West and South lot and currently they are taking only credit cards.

The St. Louis Wheel Reopened June 8, 2020

St. Louis Wheel

Yesterday, Rose and I boarded the St. Louis Wheel! Originally opened in September of 2019, then closed during COVID, this new Ferris Wheel is a hit you don’t want to miss.

We felt safe with all the required precautions in place. It is recommended to purchase tickets online. If not, there are limited staff at the ticket booth available to help you all distanced and wearing masks.

Our tickets were waiting for us. A ride on the wheel costs $15 for adults and $10 for children. Group discounts are available as well. We picked up our tickets and followed the walkway to board one of 42 climate controlled gondolas! The gondolas can hold up to 8 people so Rose and I had plenty of room!

The View & more about the St. Louis Wheel

As we ascended moving slowly we could see in every direction! We took the staff members advice and switched seats half way through our ride so we could see from all sides. The wheel moves so slowly and smoothly you hardly feel it at all! We could see the Arch and the top of Union Station.

St. Louis Wheel
Safety precautions are used at the St. Louis Wheel.

Our ride on the St. Louis Wheel lasted a little over 15 minutes. I learned that the gondolas are Swiss-made. They feature glass exteriors, interior lights and two-way communication with the operator. If you have trouble, there is an emergency button you can push. No emergencies here, only beautiful views!

Staff at the St. Louis Wheel clean each gondola before the next rider gets on!

For more fun though, we could have played an 18-hole mini golf course or ridden the children’s carousel. Instead, we headed to the aquarium. The St. Louis Wheel and the Aquarium are all part of the $187 million revamp of Union Station.

Are you a Ferris Wheel junkie?

If so, consider a trip to Navy Pier to ride the Wheel there. Or, if you live near a Scheels, you might just stop by the sports store and step up for a ride too!

Union Station

Union Station”s revamp in St. Louis was amazing and was a fun time for both Rose and I. This is a great visit to take the grand kids who would enjoy the aquarium and the St. Louis Wheel. We also dined at the Train Shed who were also taking measures to stay safe against COVID.

Travel to Union Station, park, ride, tour and dine! All in one place you will find a great afternoon of fun.

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