Vietnam Wall – Missouri Style

Jim Eddleman went to War in Vietnam 1968. Promising if he returned he would honor those veterans if he made it home alive. Fifty years later, he kept his promise. The result is the beautiful Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial!

Donating 47 acres of his own farmland and funds to help this along. Jim’s generosity made this memorial a reality.

Keith and I toured this amazing memorial that was Jim’s dream during a hosted trip to Perryville, Missouri. A detailed story about the Memorial will be in the upcoming issue of Senior News & Times.

The Memorial is comprised of a Visitor’s Center, Military museum, Honor Flag, Guardian of Freedom Monument and an exact replica of the Vietnam Memorial that sits in Washington DC! They even got the granite from the exact same quarry as the wall in DC.

The Vietnam Wall has 58,218 names. This is a very moving place. The impact of those names can’t be expressed until you see them in person. A few facts, 39,996 of the names represent those 22 or younger. There are 3 sets of fathers and sons on the wall and 81 sets of parents lost 2 of their sons.

The Vietnam Wall is 246 feet and 8 inches long. The design of the wall was through a competition. Maya Lin was a 21 year old Yale undergraduate that won the competition.

Jim took us around. This is the front of the Museum.

All branches of the military and all wars are represented at Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial. They hold services here. It is a gathering place for veterans and their families as well. Washington DC has many things to offer. But, it is far away and not all veterans can make that trek. Jim said, “You can come here and its quiet.  You can reflect and it’s healing. It is peaceful.”

Keith and I at the Vietnam Wall.

The memorial is located at 1172 Veterans Memorial Parkway in Perryville, Missouri.  For more information log onto  Hours may change during COVID-19 so call before visiting 573-847-2035.

This is just one of the stops to see in Perry County Missouri. There are many things to see and do in this beautiful County! Check in with the CVB for a list of other places to visit while in town.

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  1. Jeff Albom

    Jim did a fantastic job and honor to those that served in one of the less popular military actions of the 20th century. It’s impressive that he replicated the entire monument at the mall in Washington D.C.

    1. Cindy

      Yes, he kept his promise and more!

  2. Rob + Ann @TravelLatte

    What an incredible tribute! Not just the generosity, but all of the work involved to get that memorial built. Amazing commitment, and we’re all better for it. We’ll have to include this stop next time we’re in Missouri. We’d love to see the article when it publishes – be sure to add a link! 🙂

    1. Cindy

      Will do, It was an amazing place to visit.

  3. Cosette

    Wow, that must be so impressive that wall. I know we found the wall in Washington DC really impressive. You just go silent.