A History Lover’s Guide to Lincoln (NE) book review

Anyone that knows me knows I always have a book in my hand. When I travel I think it is important to have a book to read. It is especially nice to have a book about places to travel. Here is a book about Lincoln, Nebraska!

Gretchen M. Garrison sent me her beautiful book, A History Lover’s Guide to Lincoln to review. This is her second book. Her first book was Detour Nebraska: Historical Destinations and Natural Wonders.

Gretchen Garrison is a Native Nebraskan. She shares stories about Nebraska. In this book she delves into the fascinating past of the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, the, Capital city.

A History Lover’s Guide to Lincoln
A History Lover’s Guide to Lincoln

My favorite aspect of the book is that it goes through downtown buildings sharing the story behind the buildings. Some buildings still remain. Others are just memories on the page. I also like that when possible Gretchen tells the use of the building today.

For example, the Harris House was a home built on K street in 1872 by George Harris. He was a land commissioner. He died from the side effects of a ship wreck. His children found success in the railroad and banking industry. Today the house is a law office!

Gretchen shares many great stories in the book like the ones under the Lancaster County Sheriff‘s section. “Merle C. Karnopp was sheriff for thirty-six years. At The main station Christmas parties that his family hosted, he gave the children silver dollars. Sheriff Packet was appointed but resigned after a day. ”

It just makes you wonder what made one sheriff last decades and another only a day?

The book also has nice photos that makes me want to stop at spots like the beautiful Cathedral of the Risen Christ. I love the stone distic mosaic created by Hungarian artist Giovanni Hajnal.

A History Lover’s Guide to Lincoln is published by Arcadia Publishing and The History Press. In the release about the book, they share some other amazing things about Lincoln that readers won’t want to miss. Lincoln is where Lindbergh learned to fly. It is where the largest bank robbery in the United States happened. Lincoln is where amazing history took place.


A History Lover’s Guide to Lincoln The book sells for $23.99 and is 96 pages long. the paper book is available at the Arcadia and History Press websites. If you enjoy this book review, then read other book reviews on Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl!

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