The Pumpkin Harvest

Pumpkin Harvest

Pumpkin Harvest!

Father’s Day every year round about

The grandkids come to the farm.

Grandpa and Lilly and Cade

Plant pumpkins in the garden. It is a tradition!

Part of father’s day.

They come fall, when the air starts to quicken

and the corn starts to turn.

They pick pumpkins.

This year Lilly was sad to pick her pumpkin.

“I don’t want summer to end,” she said.

They took home two big pumpkins

and we waited for the others to ripen.

Today we picked the rest because it was time.

The corn is almost ready

days are shortening and temperatures are cooling.

Glorious fall is upon us

And the pumpkin harvest is now!

No matter what pumpkin patch I visit

What corn field I see in my travels

This will be my favorite

Because it was filled with the love of a grandpa

And his grandchildren and a little dirt on their hands.

Do you have a tradition

That sets fall apart?

And makes it special for you?

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