Riding on a David Bradley Tri-Trac

This weekend at the Spoon River Antique Valley Tractor Show I got to ride on a David Bradley Tri-Trac. We traveled to the small town of Bushnell, Illinois. Our friend Carl Davis shared information about the show on Facebook. Looking for a new tractor adventure, we set out and headed north.

The Grounds!

The show grounds are lovely. Jim Demery, President of the clubs said this was a former stud farm for draft horses. “There were once around 100 acres. I think they raised percheron horses,” Jim said. “That was around 1885 until about 1910 or so.”

Jim Demery behind the former IH parts counter.

Jim allowed me to tour the Club House for the Spoon River Antique Valley group, which was once the horse barn. The barn was later used as a Case IH dealership. It is very cool filled with antiques, farm toys and such. There is still the former IH counter and parts bins. Then in back they have a place to work on tractors, where the dealership would have done the same thing. In the very back are horse stalls. Best of all was a beautiful wooden water tank made in Bushnell in the 1920’s. There was also a lovely wooden Ball Bro’s wagon made in Bushnell.

David Bradley Tri-Trac
The chimney in the blacksmith shop.

Jim shared out back a former blacksmith shop and another horse barn as well.

The show and a ride on a David Bradley Tri-Trac!

When we arrived at the show we could see that there were lots of garden tractors on display. Carl Davis had brought his beautiful David Bradley Tri-Trac. I had mentioned I would love to ride on this amazing machine and Carl and said I could. I didn’t know if he really meant it though because it is rare. He was true to his word though. Not long into the day after my tour of the grounds, Carl started her up and away I went. I drove in low gear so I was tooling around nice and S-L-O-W and safe!

David Bradley Tri-
Riding on Carl Davis’s Tri-Trac!

What a thrill to be riding on a machine that looks like a cross between a tractor and a Harley! Thank you Carl for making my day!

Then I couldn’t believe it later when Norman Bruggerman also let me drive the International 3488 2+2 custom built tractor he brought to the show. How trusting they all were! I was a bit jerky on the 3488 when I saw Norman driving it with such ease, but what fun!

Jim even arranged for my husband Keith and I to get a ride in a wagon during the parade. Ryanne Hutchison who is ALMOST 13 drove these two oldsters around without complaint. She drove a Cub Cadet to pull us even though she said she owns a Wheel Horse!

What a fun day out.

The Bushnell Depot

To top the day off, Keith bought Amish cinnamon bread before heading home. There were a lot of families at the show. I enjoyed talking to young Hayden Fay. This young man seemed to know everything about lawn and garden tractors for an 11 year old!

We took a drive around Bushnell and I spied their beautiful historic downtown. I would love to know the story behind the beautiful depot. I was able to watch a Youtube video on the restoration. Lovely town, great show, and a ride on a David Bradley Tri-Trac, what more could I want!

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  1. Rob + Ann @TravelLatte

    Honestly, our first question was, “A what?” #CityKids 😉 Sounds like a fun day, and definitely a world away from what our everyday life looks like! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cindy

      Too funny! Even city kids love tractors!