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Red Thread Studio
Red Thread
Here is my Little Black Dress from Red Thread!

When you need that perfect dress, do you have trouble finding one with the perfect fit? I know that I do. It is hard to find one that fits everywhere just right. As a mature adult, I want a dress that isn’t too tight, too short, or too low cut. I want it to be, well, just right! When the Abagail from the Asylum PR company for Red Thread reached out to me to try their product, I was a bit skeptical that they could provide a dress that could fit me perfectly. I was wrong, Red Thread could. They said, “…clothes don’t fit like they used to and options for age-appropriate clothes are limited. Rather than settling for what the mainstream fashion industry considers o be clothes for older consumers, they can rock the five, six, seven, etc…”

Choices from Red Thread

The first task was to select the type of clothing I wanted. At Red Thread Studios, they offer clothing and measure with the use of advanced 3D technology. They say they can capture the exact measurements. I had a choice of the essential little black dress, ankle pants, the everyday t-shirt and more. They also offer a lifetime guarantee, which all sounded a bit like a fantasy land to me. I couldn’t get past the 3D technology measurements, but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I selected the dress from Red Thread and the length and neckline I wanted. Very impressed with the choice. Then they sent me a link to measure. You could do it yourself, or have someone else take a front and side picture of you. Since I needed a bit of assistance my granddaughter came over and did the honor. It took a couple tries for us to get it right, then we sent it off and they said soon they would be sending me my new dress!

The End Result

The dress arrived and fit like a glove! It is beautiful, classic and I love it! I wore it to an event today and it is comfortable. It is lined, cool and comfortable. The material doesn’t wrinkle, doesn’t ride up and stayed looking good all day lone.

While the cost is not cheap, (the dress is $158) the dress is guaranteed and will be adjusted should you gain or lose weight over time! The Red Thread is a win/win in my book!

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