Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Trivia!

Halloween was originally a Celtic tradition. While we all know that it is a time to dress up and share candy and carve pumkins otherwise known as Jack-O-Lanterns, what else do we know? The holiday might need a bit of education. Here is a bit of Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Trivia!

Halloween trivia
I love how pretty pumpkins are!

Questions about Halloween Trivia are below and the answers are at the bottom!

  1. What state is # 1 in raising pumpkins?
  2. Which country did using pumpkins originate in?
  3. What religious holiday is Halloween named after?
  4. Are all pumpkins orange?
  5. When did Halloween costumes start being manufactured in the US?

Answers for are below!

  1. Illinois
  2. Ireland
  3. All Hallow’s Eve
  4. No they can be white, red, yellow, tan and even blue.
  5. Not until the 1920’s

These are just a few fun Halloween facts to enjoy this spooky holiday with!

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