Thanksgiving – Thankful for the Fixers that keep our engines running!

Thanksgiving services were held as early as 1607 in Virginia. But the documented first Thanksgiving feast at Plymouth Rock was December 13, 1621. George Washington issued a proclamation on October 3, 1789. We have been celebrating Thanksgiving for years, and while I am waiting for the traditional thanksgiving feast, this year I am thankful for something else too. This year I am thankful for the fixers, those that fix things!

Yes, I am thankful for all the wonderful places I get to travel to! Also, I am thankful for faith, health and family! But, I admit, I am also very, very thankful for those businesses and business people that can take the broken, torn and tattered items and mend, fix and replace those worn out parts! So I am going to take a minute and list some of the places that I have found to be helpful to me and my family this past year in case you have never ran across them.

Emilee Nowak

Emilee Nowak, she used to be my neighbor. Once in conversation I learned that besides working a fulltime job, being a mom and wife that she has wonderful computer talents. Now, she is my friend, and website guru. Thank you Emilee for being willing to answer my frantic “what is this?” cries. She takes care of all the “what just happened”. Without you, there would be no Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl!

Janet Chambers – The Sewing Room

Janet Chambers business is The Sewing Room. She takes my husband’s ripped jeans pockets and gives them new life. She has fixed jackets, sweaters and more. Instead of throwing out many an item, they have had extended life because of her talented hands. Living on a farm is rough on clothing. The antique tractor hobby isn’t easy on clothes either! Keith and I seem to be rough on our things. We are thankful to Janet for keeping us stitched together!

Jim Skelton – The Pit Stop

On the farm we have had multiple vehicles with multiple issues. Jim and William at The Pit Stop have kept us up and running fitting us in as needed. From oil changes to beyond keeping the motors running on trucks, cars and more is important whether farming or traveling! Thank you!


Lay & Associates keeps bookwork to a minimum for us. Farm taxes are a pain, okay, any taxes for me are painful and they keep us up to date and current.

The Travel Shoppe

I tend to make my own travel arrangements when traveling by car. However, when flying or making a big trip, I like to use a travel agent. I want a phone number to call. Jill at the Travel Shoppe is my go to person! My hair dresser Jeff gave me her name and speaking of Jeff….

Jeff Engels – Engels on Edwards

Jeff Engels and Chuck Martin and the hairdressers who work there are amazing. He is both a friend and amazing hair dresser. I have been going to him for more years than I can count. HIs salon is more than a hair affair, it is a place to relax and be pampered. Thanks Jeff for being there all through the many years and taking care of my hair! Jeff also has great travel ideas too.

Jaimie’s Jeweler’s

Besides being a wonderful jeweler, I can take my jewelry to Jaimie’s to be repaired at their shop in Virden. It is a great place to browse and dream while waiting. They create one of a kind exquisite designs!


There is nothing worse than something going wrong with your septic system yikes! Maguires has come out when things have been astray! We updated our septic system last year and they did a wonderful professional job. Very important people to know!

Useful businesses in Springfield I am thankful for fixers here too!

While I don’t use them all the time, Dick’s Shoe Repair on Laurel is a great place to take shoes, purses and more to give them a longer life. The Springfield Clock Shop is another helpful place to repair clocks!

There are many other helpful services. I am thankful for fixers, there are others that could be added to this list. The butcher, the baker, the farmer, the pastor for sure! Surely the list goes on and on. Remember to think of them all while sitting around this year’s Thanksgiving Day table.

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