Angel of the visor

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Some of us have a charm for luck while others put faith in higher powers to protect us from harm.  That was true of my friend who bought her daughter a Visor Angel to watch over her while living in a city hundreds of miles from the small town where she grew up.  My friend […]

You never know who you are talking to!


From city to city and town to town, you never know who you may meet on the road. That is one of the joys of traveling and that came home to roost this morning for Keith and I. We stayed overnight in Iowa.  We had a great stay (except when our smoke alarm went off […]

Plein Air, a painting experience at McCloud Nature Park

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I am a nature girl.  I love trails, trees and well, nature, but a painter I’m not.  However, Rachel Davis from The Purple Palette did her best to bring out the artist in me!  Along with a group of travel writers I had the chance to do a plein air experience, ala indoors. The term “plein […]


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This is a sponsored post, all opinions belong to the author. While traveling is a wonderful thing, sometimes it can be hard on the back and the legs.  Andrew “Nick” Den is the editor in chief of He, and his Labrador pet friend visited over 60 countries in the last 5 years.  Along with Nick, Art […]

A Little Garden Harvest

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Today I was digging out the recipe to make chili sauce.  It is a recipe from Betty, the lady we farmed for, for many, many years.  We lost her last year and the recipe written in her beautiful hand has turned my mind towards all things garden like.  We have picked some green peppers, tomatoes, […]