Resolutions & A New Year 2021

New Years Resolutions yes or no?

How interesting it was to learn that January gets it name from Janus, the two-faced god. I learned that this god supposedly looks backward into the old year and forwards into the new. Many of us would just assume look only forward, but if we think about it, there are some things worth thinking about and remembering, at least for me from 2020.

2020 was like this church filled with many steps to reach my goals, but once I got there I could see God’s beauty.


With lock downs, I was still able to spend time with immediate family in my neck of the woods. We did suffer from COVID-19 in my family and it was ironic because we were not traveling. We were wearing masks and following all the protocols, but it only goes to show that this virus can find you anywhere, anytime. While my husband and I did not suffer terribly, the disease was devastating to my mom. She is getting better, but it was a terrible blow for her health.

Getting to spend time with family brought us all closer and made me more appreciative of those I love.

Local Attractions

With far travel a hard thing to do, I found myself checking out the local attractions, the nature walks, historic signs, parks, statues and more. Any chance to get out-of-doors socially distanced and still see and learn allowed me to love local even more. I heard from friends that my blogs about local was appreciated and that they enjoyed the ideas. One family from Godfrey drove to a Route 66 attraction in Litchfield. I love it when things I write about prompt a trip, especially when it includes food from a local restaurant and perhaps gas and other local purchases too. Anything that assists local businesses right now makes me smile.

Resolutions for a New Year

It is said that the Babylonian’s were the first to celebrate the New Year and make resolutions some 4,000 years ago. Will you make any resolutions this year? I think for me, the biggest resolution is to not take anything for granted. Not take my health, my family or the little things for granted. It is amazing to think that eating at a restaurant is a gift. Staying in a hotel, going on a trip. All these small things I took for granted, I now cherish.

Resolutions. A New Year, a clean plate. I don’t know what it will bring. I though will be thanking the Lord for a chance to look back. The look back is sad in many ways, so much sadness over the last year. Yet, some accomplishments as well. I look forward to the New Year, and as many have said do not want a repeat of the last. Welcome 2021, may it be a year of health, happiness and thankfulness.

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