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Today I tried a class from Oasis Everywhere. Disclosure, Oasis Everywhere provided me with a free class to share information on my blog. Since one of my goals this spring is to try to stay in shape (and I’m tired of the same old exercise routine) I jumped at the chance to take an exercise class.

Oasis Everywhere

It is important to me to stay fit to travel so I make sure to excercise and attempt to eat right!

The class I signed up for takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is an hour class from Oasis Everywhere that I tool goes from two o’clock to three. Oasis Everywhere is curated for seniors so the class while vigorous was not overwhelming and I was able to complete it. Yet, I felt like I got quite a nice workout.

With many places closed recently a class at home is a great way to learn and keep your mind sharp until your next trip! Melissa Barreca shared,” These classes are curated opportunities to explore passions and learn from some of the greatest minds available, from the comfort of home, in the company of your peers.”

What is it?

Their motto is “Spreading the reach of lifelong learning, health, and technology, virtually.” Oasis Everywhere has a wonderful variety of classes with something really for everyone! I have been looking into the local crashes of Charles Lindbergh lately and noted a class on the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. There are informational classes about how to use ZOOM, and how to use your camera on your phone. There are educational classes, one of interest to me was about Vikings and there was another about music during the Third Reich. Then there are political options as well. Something for most every taste.

I enjoyed the fact that my class was a ZOOM one and I could see the other people in the class.

Not sure about virtual?

One thing I like is if you have problems, they have a phone number. No, sadly there is no one to answer it, a true problem these days I know. But they do have someone call you back within two business days, so there is assistance if you need it. Just plan ahead.


The cost of the classes is also very affordable. I know, you are thinking sure, I didn’t have to pay for mine. However, the classes are a great value and really don’t cost much. I want to take a class on Japanese Tea Ceremony and it was only $12.00.

Oasis Everywhere offers a variety of classes. If you are looking for something different to do and want to enrich your life by learning something new, then sign up!

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