Dining In-The Gift of Food!

dining in

With so many people sheltering in dining at home is the norm these days. However, I have been the recipient of of a few fine meals that make it a treat. How wonderful to have something already prepared, or in the refrigerator. Not having to scavenge for food, or think up what you want to prepare is a luxury. I certainly have been the lucky receiver of some fine gifts in the last few weeks! Thank you everyone!

Cookies I made tonight to share!

The Meal Gift!

My brother and sister in law stopped by a while back and treated us to homemade spaghetti sauce, a loaf of French bread and some homemade cookies! They sent enough for a couple meals, in fact, we just finished round two tonight with the grandkids! Yum.

The Thoughtful Gift of Meals for Days!

Our land lady sent us a selection from Omaha steaks that arrived the other day! The packet included ground beef, steaks, chicken and beef franks. What a wonderful selection! This makes several meals and easy cooking options right in my very own kitchen!

Pritikin Meals

Lemon fish with broccoli

I received a variety of meals from Pritikin Foods to sample and review. This is another wonderful option. Pritikin Foods delvers great dietitian approved meals that are ready in minutes right to your door. The great thing about these meals are that they are a healthy choice for those of us trying to lose weight or trying for a low sodium or heart healthy meal. According to their website, “…the Pritikin Program helps prevent and reverse the progression of coronary heart disease and other health concerns, including diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation, metabolic syndrome and weight loss.”

We received an enchilada bowl, lemon fish, and split pea soup. We especially liked the fish. All three meals were ready within minutes.

Keith also enjoyed the oatmeal that was infused with apples. He likes oatmeal for a morning breakfast meal. He ate it as an accompaniment to an egg.

Baked Goods!

My nephew and his wife brought us cookies! They provided us a plate full of amazing baked goods that they had made from scratch. This brings the holidays full circle. I try to watch what I eat and behave, but there is nothing like a homemade treat to give you the Holiday feeling!

Great gift ideas.

With the pandemic and eating out not possible in many places dining in in style helps a lot. Buying from local diners, purchasing food from local grocers, and ordering from businesses all helps keep the economy going and surely brightens the spirit during this unusual holiday season. We often give hams for Christmas!

Just because we are home doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. I have had four wonderful totally different options. A completely ready to heat homecooked meal, frozen selections, pre packaged heat up order from Pritikin, and home baked goods to lift the spirits. Which is a favorite, all of them! If you are still looking for a last minute gift, think about one of these ideas for that hard to buy person on your list. Everyone has to eat, and everyone likes a meal!

Read about cooking at home with the Table Tales cook book!

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