A horse is a horse of course! At Henson Robinson Zoo.

A horse is a horse of course!  At Henson Robinson Zoo.

I took the grandkids to the Henson Robinson Zoo, a lovely small zoo located right on Lake Springfield. After playing at the playground we struck out to the zoo along with my mom for a fun filled morning. When this horse in the picture blew through its nose, my 20 month old grandson did a shuffle toward me that could have won him awards on Dancing with the Stars.

Taking advantage of some of the great sites in your backyard like this fun little zoo in Springfield is a great way to enjoy some grandma/ grandkid time. The peacocks and horses turned out to be the scary animals while the grand babies didn’t seem to be at all phased by the bear or the monkeys. I guess I should correct that phrase because my grand daughter informed me that her brother “Is a big boy and she is a good girl.” There you have it!

The Henson Robinson Zoo is located at 1100 East Lake Shore Drive, Springfield, IL 62712. Call 217-753-6217 or log onto http://www.hensonrobinsonzoo.org for details!

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